“F” Bomb Flip – The First Day

Maybe this is the house we look back on, and fondly remember as our first, the one that started it all. Only time will tell. Last Friday we closed on our Burning Tree a.k.a “F” Bomb “fixer-upper”. … and we didn’t waste a moment getting moving on DEMO DAY/WEEK.

Everyone wants to know if I am “doing it myself?”  My husband works long hours as an active duty soldier in the US Army and we have 2 children, so, “No.”… Does anyone actually do anything by their self, ever? Especially after marriage and children …?

We are venturing into this awesome project with a patient and amazingly talented General Contractor who will be teaching me as much as I possibly can absorb without getting in the way or slowing down the process too much.  That’s the plan, right Clay?

Day 1 –  We successful eliminated a coat closet – it was located right in front of the entrance. And we began getting the carpet out of the house ASAP…


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